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You scout candidates but noone seems to fit. You are running out of time.

Are you running out of time to finish the project? Are you scouting candidates but none seems fit?

It takes too much time to get candidates

The market average is to deliver candidates after 4 days

Most profiles are not suitable

The average market candidate to project fit is below 30%

The best candidates choose other projects

The best candidates have an average of 5 to 6 potential project offers at the time


You fail your project and lose your client.

Get 5 profiles of candidates who can start within the next 2 weeks within 48 hours

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Our emergency recruitment team is waiting for your call and is able to send help within 48 hours

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Using our industry expertise, we know what questions to ask to deliver exactly the candidates you need

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Using the information from our initial call, we will ensure  that the candidate prioritises your project


A qualified candidate starts working on the project within 2 weeks

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Get 5 profiles within 48 hours. Get qualified candidates to start working on the project within 2 weeks.

deliver candidates after 4 days

We deliver 5 profiles within 48 hours!

candidate to project fit is below 30%

Our average rate is over 50%

Highly-qualified candidates typically have multiple project proposals so they are unlikely to choose your project

We make candidates eager to choose your project by marketing your company culture


Marcel Baldenbach von Bröchen - Founder Digital Associates

Recruitment standard of the future
Digital Associates sets the bar high for specialized recruitment in emerging technologies in Germany

Frustrated by the lack of quality and expertise offered by traditional recruitment companies, our founders set out on a journey to create a better solution. Through hard work and determination, they were able to establish a highly successful recruitment company known for its unparalleled quality and understanding of the industry.

Our Managing Director is a highly skilled computer scientist with extensive industry experience. We have a proven track record of successfully recruiting and retaining top computer science talent, with over a decade of experience in the field. Additionally, one of our founders has been working in the industry for an impressive 17 years, having previously held positions at well-established companies. We pride ourselves on our unique approach and ability to deliver exceptional quality.

Our mission is to provide the right talent to help companies navigate the rapidly changing technological landscape of the fourth industrial revolution, the digital age. We understand the unique challenges of digitalization and are dedicated to helping Germany catch up with other countries in terms of technological advancement. We strive to bring in the right people to help our clients succeed in today's digital world.


Where is the Digital Associates team located?

Our headquarter is in the heart of Berlin. However, we have digitized our processes in such a way that we can handle complete recruitment process by telephone and video conference.

A personal meeting on site is possible, but not necessary. This allows us to help companies throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.