Senior Software Engineer VoIP and Video Conferencing

We are seeking an experienced Software Engineer for VoIP and Video Conferencing to join our Engineering department.

  • Employment Type: Permanent
  • Role: Senior Software Engineer VoIP and Video Conferencing
  • Previous working experience: >5 years
  • Working hours: 40hrs/week
  • Working Location: Remote/Berlin
  • Reports to: Chapter Lead Corelib
  • Desired start date: As soon as possible

Get ready to play a key role in our Corelib/AVS Team. You will work closely with our current AVS (Audio/Video Signalling) Engineers and other teams in order to provide innovative calling solutions deployed to a wide variety of platforms (iOS, Android, Web, Desktop).

  • Design, implement, and optimise secure audio-video signalling protocols for the messenger app and web application
  • Work with audio/video processing and WebRTC
  • Work on server components facilitating calls in a federated environment
  • Ensure end-to-end encryption and secure transmission of audio and video data
  • Collaborate on high-performance server and client code written in C and C++
  • Develop and maintain robust library code for native client integration written in C, Java, Objective-C, JavaScript/WASM
  • Be the go-to person for diagnosing and resolving calling issues and performance problems
  • Analyse calling logs to continuously improve the user experience
  • Build tooling to support the diagnosis, analysis and solution finding process

  • 5+ years of C coding experience
  • Solid understanding of coding best practices, including code reviews, automated tooling, and documentation
  • Strong understanding of cybersecurity principles and best practices
  • Proficiency in audio/video processing
  • Knowledge of C++ is a strong plus
  • Knowledge of Python for tooling is a strong plus
  • Proficiency in Javascript, Java/Kotlin, Objective-C, and Swift for client-specific code
  • Good communication skills for discussing complex topics and comfortable working with remote teams

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